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Already at young age Erica painted and drew a lot and liked it very much. When she was fourteen year old lessons from painter Henk Corduwer in Huizen started. There the affection for watercolour developed. Because later at the Academy for visual arts watercolour was a ‘not done’ at that time Erica worked a lot oil and acryl. No wonder that her final piece at the Academy was an oil painting.

Erica Nussbaum

Ever since she mastered, and worked with various techniques, she penciled, painted with watercolour, acryl en oil, eliminating any technical restriction. Ambience and subject leads to a technique.

Erica commenced teaching, penciling and painting, one year after finalisation of her study at the Academy for visual arts. Because of the force of a permanent thinking process as to what and how something has to be painted and the pertinent pedagogical aspect, teaching appeared to be a real enrichment.



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