Courses and workshops    

Since 2010 Erica is busy together with her partner Manfred to renovate an old farm in France. It is the idea to live and work there eventually. There is also a beautiful atelier where courses will be organized. If you want to be updated regularly on our progress please send a mail to: info@nussbaum.nl



At the Werkschuit in Zeist (part of the Kunstenhuis) you can follow also the following courses:


An impression of the work of her students can be found on Erica's blog

Beginners Course  

During the beginners course you learn to "see - reproduce". That means you will learn how to reproduce the correct proportions. Furthermore techniques as penciling with charcoal, ink and pastel are taught and you will learn how to paint by means of water-, acryl- and oil paint. Subjects as still life, portrait, with a sitter and landscape will be addressed. Another important aspect within the course is the "fantasy development" of the participants.

Advanced Course

In this course you are working in sections consisting of several lessons with a subject. A subject could be: Light in the dark, market, colour scheme of "Itten", abstraction a la Klee and so on.
The technique to be used in these sections is your own choice. Every year one or more visual artists will be selected and the lessons are embracing the work of the particular painter.

50+ Atelier  

This course is organised as an "Open Atelier" The participants are taking care of the materials and the subject is also their own choice. During the entire painting process there is individual guidance, advice and help. This course is very suitable for people which do not want to follow (anymore) a course with a rigid program.



Apart from the course program described above there is the possibility to organise dedicated workshops for painting. Not only nice as part of an event, (birthday etc.) but very interesting as a teambuilding or another company event. The photograph shows how Erica guides the composition of a piece of art made by the group during the workshop.


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