Erica Nussbaum was born in 1963 in Hannover, Germany and moved with her parents to the Netherlands at the age of seven. Painting has been a passion of her since early age. In 1977 lessons commenced with painter Henk Corduwener in Huizen.

The decision to make the hobby a profession was easily taken and 1986 graduation at the Academy for visual arts in Utrecht was a fact. A traineeship for lithography at Kunsthochschule Cologne with Walter Dohmen was part of the study. Straight after the completion of the study Erica started with expositions and teaching.  



Nature, music, people and the animal world are her most important sources of inspiration. Not the simple reproduction of subjects and visuals but the subtle force the piece of art actually has to convey, by means of attractive composition, excitement in light and dark, is certainly the most important aspect of her work. Her in depth technical knowledge and experience is eliminating all limitations concerning the use of a particular technique so that the envisaged appearance only determines the application of a particular technique.

Since 2010 Erica is busy together with her partner Manfred to renovate an old farm in France. It is the idea to live and work there eventually. There is also a beautiful atelier where courses will be organized. If you want to be updated regularly on our progress please send a mail to: info@nussbaum.nl


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